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About Us

Technology in insurance is the center for information specific to technology in today’s insurance industry. The rapid advancement of technologies can be overwhelming to keep track. Therefore, we direct our efforts towards creating a central place for insurance agents and agencies to enable them to gain an in-depth understanding and evaluation of technologies they can use in their business. 


We keep the betterment of the insurance agents, agencies and the overall industry at the forefront of what we do. Our aspiration is to become the top-tier informational platform that insurance providers can rely on and utilize while making the crucial decision of selection of technologies to run their insurance business.  

What We Do 

We frequently run analysis in the market and prepare articles to advise insurance agents regarding the best agency management technology they can use in their business module. Our blogs are location-centric, which means it’s highly convenient for agents to explore the available and trending technologies in their region. Moreover, they can also run a quick scan regarding the technologies available in other states in the US. 

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